Cornbread of Kaliwild has finally arrived to share a refreshing contribution to the world of hip hop Since the late 80s hip-hop culture has influenced bread who was raised on the east south and west coast. Due to that Cornbread is able to relate more than just one eat. Cornbread began taking emceeing serious in the 1990s with his group Kaliwild, a group consisting of Sean Biggs, J-Duce, Ohno (of Gangrene) & Cornbread. The group went on to release the singles, Authentic hip-hop with Matic explosion and this is Kaliwild, (a song featured on Super Rapping 2. ) Cornbread is also featured on on those disrupt album on a song called “Every Section” produced by Madlib. You can also check out Cornbread’s music on his latest release, “Daily Bread”, streaming on all platforms. Cornbread shows his ability to adapt to the sound of the new school while still maintaining the essence of hip hop. His latest single “Star featuring Sadat X, and Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian, is currently streaming on all platforms. With his new album on the horizon, Cornbread has taken the time to make music for everyone with some notable surprise features.

If you love him up and want that Golden a sound, look no further, and break bread!


New Single "Star"

NEW  CORNBREAD "STAR" feat Sadat X, Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian, Streaming on all platforms

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